Tutorial :How Create a .NET HttpWebRequest class from a Socket's received byte[]'s


I have a socket that is receiving HTTP requests.

So I have a raw http request in byte[] form from my socket.

I have to study this request - BUT

Instead of reinventing the wheel - can I 'cast' this byte array into a System.Net.HttpWebRequest or something similar?

----- UPDATE ---------

So anyway I couldn't find the answer. By digging a little further though I think it could be done by calling functions in:

HttpApi.dll I think that the HttpWebRequest uses this dll (winxpsp2)

the interesting structure is the HTTP_REQUEST

C++  typedef struct _HTTP_REQUEST {    ULONG                  Flags;    HTTP_CONNECTION_ID     ConnectionId;    HTTP_REQUEST_ID        RequestId;    HTTP_URL_CONTEXT       UrlContext;    HTTP_VERSION           Version;    HTTP_VERB              Verb;    USHORT                 UnknownVerbLength;    USHORT                 RawUrlLength;    PCSTR                  pUnknownVerb;    PCSTR                  pRawUrl;    HTTP_COOKED_URL        CookedUrl;    HTTP_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS Address;    HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS   Headers;    ULONGLONG              BytesReceived;    USHORT                 EntityChunkCount;    PHTTP_DATA_CHUNK       pEntityChunks;    HTTP_RAW_CONNECTION_ID RawConnectionId;    PHTTP_SSL_INFO         pSslInfo;  }HTTP_REQUEST_V1, *PHTTP_REQUEST_V1;  

I have only just started C# so delving into ??COM?? programming is over my head.

AND looking through the ducumentation, I cant see an 'entry' (by which I mean a simple send bytes-> receieve HTTP_REQUEST).

Anyhoo! if anyone wants to point me in the direction of some nice WINDOWS KERNEL MODE HTTP SERVERS INCLUDING SSL then feel free it would be a great read and something to consider for the future.


just replace Socket by using HttpListener. It parses the HTTP request for you, easily.

Here is an example:

HttpListener listener = new HttpListener();   // prefix URL at which the listener will listen  listener.Prefixes.Add("http://localhost:8080/");  listener.Start();  Console.WriteLine("Listening...");  while (true)  {      // the GetContext method blocks while waiting for a request.      HttpListenerContext context = listener.GetContext();      HttpListenerRequest request = context.Request;        // process the request      // if you want to process request from multiple clients       // concurrently, use ThreadPool to run code following from here      Console.WriteLine("Client IP " + request.UserHostAddress);        // in request.InputStream you have the data client sent      // use context.Response to respond to client  }  


Have you considered using the HttpListener class instead of a socket to receive your incoming HTTP requests? It will yield HttpListenerRequest objects instead of raw data. I've found these classes useful for simulating a web server.


You can't cast it to HttpWebRequest or anything like that. Just throw the Socket away and use HttpWebRequest instead. Otherwise, you'll have to manually parse the response byte[].

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