Tutorial :How can I write this query in ZF?


I am trying to write this, query with zf select but without success

SELECT * FROM `subscribers` WHERE id IN (Select subscriber_id From gs_relations Where group_id=55)   

I was trying with ssomething like this:

$gs_relations = new GSRelations();  $part = gs_relations->select()->from('gs_relations',subscriber_id')->where("group_id=$group_id");  $select = $this->select()->setIntegrityCheck(false);  return $select->where('id IN ('.$part->__toString().')');  

Anybody can help me to solve the problem!?


This should do it:

$gs_relations = new GSRelations();  $part = $gs_relations->select()->from('gs_relations','subscriber_id')->where('group_id = ?',$group_id);  $select = $this->select()->setIntegrityCheck(false);  $select->from('subscribers')->where('id in (' . $part->__toString() . ')');  return $select;  



SELECT `subscribers`.* FROM `subscribers` WHERE (id in (SELECT `gs_relations`.`subscriber_id` FROM `gs_relations` WHERE (group_id = 55)))  

Do let me know how it goes, I used the below code for testing, but did not test executing the actual query as I have no such data structures:

$groupId = 55;  $part = $this->db->select()->from('gs_relations','subscriber_id')->where('group_id = ?',$groupId);  $select = $this->db->select()->from('subscribers')->where('id in (' . $part->__toString() . ')');  print_r($select->__toString());  


You can try this:

$groupId = 55;  $part = $gs_relations->select()->setIntegrityCheck(false)->from('gs_relations','subscriber_id')->where('group_id = ?', $groupId);  $select = $gs_relations->select()->setIntegrityCheck(false)->from('subscribers')->where('id in ?', $part);  

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