Tutorial :Getting TortoiseSVN to set a file's modified time to the timestamp of the latest revision


I seem to remember being able to get TortoiseSVN to set the last-modified timestamp for files to the timestamp from the revision when performing an update. So if someone committed a file five days ago and I update it, the modified timestamp will be five days ago, not today.

Where is the option?


When I go to the Settings option in the TortoiseSVN menu, I see an option to "Set file dates to the last commit time." This may be what you're looking for.

Invoke the Settings option

Screenshot of how to invoke the TortoiseSVN settings dialog

Set the option

Screenshot of the option to get SVN to timestamp the checked out files with the original file modification date, not the current time


I am not sure if Tortoise uses the SVN client as a backend, but if it does, there is an option in the Subversion configuration file:

use-commit-times = yes  

Sorry if this doesn't apply on your platform, but I'll mention it anyway. It works for those using the SVN command-line client.

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