Tutorial :get values of elements from another site (rapidshare)


I am developing a script in php to manage my rapidshare accounts (for learning purposes), i wanted to know how can we login remotely and get accounts details on my site, something that api does, the details like traffic left, expiry date, etc.


Uncertain what exactly your question is, but it probably helps to take a look at the Rapidshare API. Additionally you probably want to make yourself familiar with the following functions/ components: fopen and curl to use the api/load the site. To get specific parameters out of the content I suggest using ereg or the xml functionality.


With PHP you could use either Curl, PHPSimpleHTMLDomParser, Snoopy, or phpQuery to grab the contents from the remote page. Be mindful that some websites require a user_agent, in which case you could setup one through ini_set prior to running your script.


You could use cURL to send HTTP requests from your script to the site. There are also ready-made solutions for PHP, such as Snoopy, which will let you do things like posting a form or scraping a page, without having to use cURL directly.


Since Rapidshare does not provide an API interface to their service, the only way is to use an HTML parser available for PHP, login with the script, and parse the values.

Update: Rapidshare does provide an API as merkuro has stated in his post.

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