Tutorial :Function name conflict in php from 2 different libraries


I have 2 'libraries' which I need to include on the same page. Simple Machine Forums and Wordpress.

However both have the function is_admin() which conflicts with each other.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_admin() (previously declared  in /home/site.com/wordpress/wp-includes/query.php:100)in /home/site.com/smf/Sources/Security.php on line 82)  

What would be the best way to get around this? As I dont want to have to modify all calls to one library to be is_admin2() for example.


I believe you don't have too much choice but to rename the function or, wrap all functions around a class. That's the problem with PHP <= 5.*: no namespaces, and developers often prefer to write a script full of loose functions, than to use an object oriented approach.


I would bite the bullet manually rename each function call for the smaller library (I'm guessing that would be the Forums one). Good luck.


Rename the functions to is_admin_wp() and is_admin_smf(). Then, define your own is_admin() function. This could be just a simple wrapper:

function is_admin() {      // from what function is_admin was called?      list (, $last) = debug_backtrace();      if (strpos($last['file'], 'wordpress') >= 0) {          $fn = 'is_admin_wp';      } else {          $fn = 'is_admin_smf';      }      $args = func_get_args();      return call_user_func_array($fn, $args);  }  


A possibility would be to use PHP 5.3, which brings support for namespaces. I don't know the details of the implementation but it should enable you to wrap the libraries in different namespaces.

Unfortunately 5.3 has still not hit the stable release. If you can't/don't want to use it, the only option I see that doesn't involve renaming would be this: create separate two PHP scripts, start them in different interpreters, and have them communicate somehow (a pipe, socket, tempfile).


Luckly for me this was the comment found in the decleration of is_admin in Simple Machine Forums.

// Grudge chickens out and puts this in for combatibility. This will be ripped out on day one for SMF 1.2 though ;)  

Seems its not needed anyway... A little anoying that I will have to remember to remove this when I upgrade every time though...

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