Tutorial :Fluent nhibernate hasmanytomany & adding it


i have used fluent nhibernate for 3projects so i know the basics but i havent used the hasManyToMany yet. i have found documents that show me how to mapp it so i guess that is ok. my question about that is what sould use the hasManyToMany in its mapping and what should i put in the other? let me know if im unclear in my explaining and if you need more info about the mappings.

Receiver, Mail, MailReceiver

then i wonder how i add that with nhibernate code in my code? my code go like this sofar.

var rService = ObjectFactory.GetInstance().GetById(id); var MService = ObjectFactory.GetInstance().GetById(id);

//todo add the

thanks for helping a newbee :)


i found a pretty good blogpost about this http://marekblotny.blogspot.com/2009/02/fluent-nhbernate-and-collections.html

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