Tutorial :Expected FS format '2' found format '3 git-svn


I was just checking out git-svn and thought I would give it a try with one of my existing repository. When I ran git-svn I got this error.

Couldn't open a repository: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL: Unable to open repository '{MyFilePath}': Expected FS format '2'; found format '3' at C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git-svn line 1358

I ran a version check on git-svn that I am using and it printed out:

git-svn version (svn 1.4.6)  

I noticed that it's using svn version 1.4.6 but I created the repositry using TortoiseSVN with Svn version Subversion 1.5.1.

My main question is how do I update git-svn so that it will use 1.5?


If you access your Subversion repository using a network protocol (such as svn://) instead of local file access, then things should work properly for you. It appears as though you're asking git-svn to access the repository directly, causing the problem you've shown. The Subversion network protocols are more resilient to older clients connecting.


I encountered this problem when I wanted quickly test some behaviour of git-svn and thus needed an svn repository.

I created repository with following command:

svnadmin create --pre-1.4-compatible  

git is able to understand such repositories.

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