Tutorial :Disabling GIF animation in HTML


Is there any way, in HTML, to include an animated GIF in an <img> tag, but automatically tell the GIF to not animate? I realize that the user can stop animation by pressing ESC or clicking Stop, but I want the GIFs not to animate at all.

I only want to do this on one specific page, and making separate non-animated versions of the (1500+) GIFs is not feasible. I simply want the GIFs to not animate.


You could use Giffer.

Just include the library in your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="gifffer.min.js"></script>  

Instead of setting src attribute on your image use data-gifffer.

<img data-gifffer="image.gif" />  

At the end, call Gifffer() whenever you want. For example:

window.onload = function() {      Gifffer();  }  

If you don't want the GIF to move at all you can always edit the .js file to remove the play button.


Not with plain HTML but using PHP with imagecreatefromgif might help you


I don't think calling window.stop() will be a good solution. This would need to be called for every image that is loaded to prevent it from running half way through and stopping. The best solution is to use a library such as GD to create images featuring just the first frame of the animated GIF.


Use ImageMagik, and you can readily convert all 1500 images.


You could use window.stop() in javascript, which should be the equivalent of pressing ESC/clicking stop. However, I'm pretty sure it won't work in all browsers (i.e. IE).

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