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Is there something similar to the Eclipse cleanup rules (Preferences > Java > Code Style > Clean Up) in NetBeans?

The cleanup rules in eclipse will allow you to clean things up like organizing imports, removing unnecessary casts, adding missing override annotations etc.

Also can you do that on a whole set of classes/packages instead of individual classes?


Refactor > Inspect and Transform

Is there something similar to the Eclipse cleanup rules ((Preferences > Java > Code Style > Clean Up) in NetBeans?

In NetBeans 8.0, the powerful batch tool is Refactor > Inspect and Transform. See the tutorial page, Refactoring with Inspect and Transform in the NetBeans IDE Java Editor.

Individual tools are also available:

  • Fixing imports
    For a single file, namespace, or project (depending on what's selected in Project window or has the focus): Source > Organize Imports (to sort and remove unused imports) or Source > Fix Imports (to sort, remove unused imports, and add missing imports). Or during every save: Tools > Options > Editor > On Save > Organize Imports.

  • Removal of trailing spaces
    For a single file (place the carret in the code file): Source > Remove Trailing Spaces. Or during every save: Tools > Options > Editor > On Save > Remove Trailing Whitespace.

  • Code Format
    For a single file, namespace, or project: Source > Format. (Customize the rules in Tools > Editor > Formatting). There is also a plugin called Jindent you can install (I have not used it myself). Or during every save: Tools > Options > Editor > On Save > Reformat.

By default, Netbeans will display hint icons next to problematic lines of code and in the scrollbar, allowing you to perform an automatic fix if desired. These can be configured via Tools > Options > Editor > Hints. Netbeans can search all problems in the project using Source > Inspect. Or, to reiterate, many of these problems can be batch fixed with Refactor > Inspect and Transform.


The equivalent of Eclipse's "Code Cleanup" in NetBeans is "Format". It's under Source > Format, and the keyboard shortcut is Alt+Shift+F (on Windows). Unfortunately, unlike Eclipse, it doesn't seem like this can be configured in NetBeans.


NetBeans 7.2 has Inspect & Transform refactoring to do this:



For Netbeans use Ctrl+Shift+I to remove unused import from the file.


tools -> options -> Tab "Editor" -> Tab "Hints" -> select Java (talking about) in JComboBox

and then you'd see yellow ocean ..., great and quick from ver 6.9


I know that netbeans points out these things automatically, but beyond merely pointing them out I don't know.


I don't know a way to do this en mass, but if you delete all imports from a source file and then right click in the source editor, you can select fix imports. This will import all the classes for you alphabetically, asking when it encounters package ambiguities.

As Soldier.moth pointed out, Netbeans will point out other issues, like casts and override annotations, in line, by use of a light bulb to the left of the source.


There is an Organize Imports plugin Read the DZone article for more info.

EDIT: I see there is a bug report to get this as part of the standard distribution.


If you just want to make your code have proper indentations on a whole project, simply click the project name, go to "Source," and then click "Format." Hope this helps!

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