Tutorial :C# Linq to XML check if element exists


I have an XML document as follows:

<Database>   <SMS>     <Number>"+447528349828"</Number>      <Date>"09/06/24</Date>      <Time>13:35:01"</Time>      <Message>"Stop"</Message>    </SMS>   <SMS>     <Number>"+447528349828"</Number>      <Date>"09/06/24</Date>      <Time>13:35:01"</Time>      <Message>"Stop"</Message>    </SMS>  </Database>  

I am trying to check whether the number child node of the parent SMS node exists in the document (for validation purposes to avoid inserting duplicate data).

Any advice on a potential solution?

EDIT: The element will be compared to an input string. For example if(inputNumber == xmlDocNumber){ //Don't Insert New Element }


I'll suggest a slightly different tack to using Count() - use Any(). The advantage is that Any() can stop as soon as it gets any matches at all:

var smsWithNoNumber = main.Descendants("SMS")                            .Where(x => !x.Elements("Number").Any());  

In this case it won't make much odds, but in cases where Count() might have to count a million hits just to tell you that there was at least one, it's a useful trick to know. I'd say it's also a clearer indicator of what you mean.


Assuming that you have your number in some canonicalized form and your XML is loaded into an XmlDocument or some such, the simplest non-LINQ way to do it is with an XPath query:

string pattern = String.Format("/Database/SMS/Number[. = '{0}']", number);  if (myDoc.SelectSingleNode(pattern) != null)  {     // number already exists in document  }  


You could apply an XSL document that translates the data by looping through the SMS nodes and excluding any that has a duplicate Number/text() value

Check would be something like:

<xsl:template match="SMS">  <xsl:variable name="parentNode" select="." />  <xsl:if test="preceding-sibling::SMS/Number/text()=$parentNode/Number/text()">  .....include a copy of node......  </xsl:if>    </xsl:template>  

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