Tutorial :Best tool to create a full screen slide show from the web


I need to create a slide show of some images that can go full screen so it can be displayed via S-Video out.

The software is delivered via the web so a web-based option is needed.

The list of images is dynamic, and I would like to show them in order. The list of photos can change while the slideshow is running, and I would like to add the new photos to the slideshow.

I see two options:

  1. Build it using JavaScript and then use a browser plugin to go full screen. I have a prototype of this, however it displays photos in random order.

  2. Build it using Flash. I know nothing about Flash so I am looking for slideshows that can go full screen.

What would be best? Are there any good, customizable Flash slideshows?


For those interested, I ended up making an Adobe AIR application using HTML and JavaScript. Adobe AIR can go full screen and I was able to leverage the knowledge of HTML and JavaScript I already have. It has worked out pretty well, though there was a rather steep learning curve for the native AIR classes and how to use them.


If you're using Flash, SlideShowPro is a good option that you may recognize from sites like ESPN.


when you say "fullscreen", do you mean taking up ENTIRE screen? if so, javascript is not a tool to use, it must live inside the browser, so you will always have some chrome visible from the browser.

flash can do full screen, on the other hand.


Most browsers allow you to go full screen (even hiding the chrome) with the F11 key (requires user input). Then it's just a matter of scaling the image in javascript to the size of the viewport. If it doesn't exists, it could be written easily enough probably from a preexisting gallery script.

Also, this answer may be helpful

Hope that helps.

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