Tutorial :Add quotes to values in a string separated by a comma php


I have a search box that can contain multiple values using a comma, eg Pasta, tuna, eggs

Im using FULLTEXT mysql search but I need to use some kind of preg_replace to turn Pasta, tuna, eggs into 'Pasta','tuna','eggs'

If I enter this 'Pasta','tuna','eggs' into the search box the results are correct.


Don't use regular expressions for problems that can be solved otherwise. What you want is a simple string replacement:

$string = "'" . str_replace(",", "','", $string) . "'";  

You should escape quotes inside the string first, though (don't know what your escape character is, assuming it's backslash):

$string = "'" . str_replace(array("'", ","), array("\\'", "','"), $string) . "'";  


Are you building an SQL query with the list? If so, you should take some time to make sure the resulting SQL is properly escaped as well.

$myList = "pasta, tuna, eggs";    $items = preg_split("/[,\\s]+/", $myList);  $sqlItems = array();  foreach ($items as $item) {      $sqlItems[] = "'" . mysql_real_escape_string($item) . "'";  }    // Add new list to SQL  $sql .= implode(",", $sqlItems);  


Do you have any comma in values?

If not you could use something like:

preg_replace('/[^,]+/g', '\'\1\'', preg_replace('/\'/g', '\\\'', $text))  


implode your string, then foreach resulting array and add needed symbols


Guys sorry for the trouble but I've solved my own question! Ive looked at this and it was all wrong to begin with.

I had to replace each , with a space and a plus sign so ", tuna" = " +tuna"

Thanks anyway

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