Ubuntu: Xsession: .xsessionrc is not executed in Ubuntu 16


I have .xsessionrc for fixing Ubuntu's mouse acceleration issue.

I have been running Ubuntu 16 for a while and ~/.xsessionrc started on logging properly on but recently it stopped doing it.

Nothing unusual happened except I added ntfs partitions to /etc/fstab and started computer when they were hibernated, so I needed to run execute fsck from recovery mode.

File content:

xset m 1/2 16 xinput --set-prop "USB OPTICAL MOUSE " "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 1 If I start it manually from the terminal, mouse acceleration decreases, but it doesn't start automatically on logging on.

~/.xsessionrc has 755 permissions if it matters. I have also tried adding these options to /etc/rc.local and ~/.bashrc, but this has no effect.

I suppose the problem is with X session. So how can I fix it? Where can I read logs and investigate why the problem appears?

Thank you in advance.


Because I have the content of .xsessionrc file in .bashrc, the sensitivity decreases when I start the terminal.

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