Ubuntu: Windows 10 Guest freezes on initial boot under virtualbox in Ubuntu 16.04


So I have this small project I need to do in Visual Studio, and all I have to do it on is this old machine running Ubuntu 16.04. I understand I can get a free install of Windows 10 through the Edge browser testing link here.

So I have got virtualbox installed, and I have this .ova file downloaded.

At first it would fail immediately on import. I had to disable quick boot. I struggled to figure out how and honestly I can't communicate which steps eventually worked.

The current status is that when I start the VM I get this really pretty Windows 10 logo. It is nice but this is all that it does. Here is a gist with the logs

Here are my machine details. abot my ubuntu install

This is a 2014-ish Toshiba Satellite c55-a5282

Any help appreciated. I'm totally stuck here.


You may have an old version of VirtualBox.

I had this problem with a Windows 10 guest on a Ubuntu 16.04 host and solved it by removing VirtualBox 5.0.40 (sudo apt-get autoremove 'virtualbox*') and then installing VirtualBox 5.1.24. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads

Use VirtualBox --help to see your version of VirtualBox.


on that version 5.0.40 you can try to unset paravirtualization. on your VM configuration Under System â€" Acceleration you must set Paravirtualization to None.

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