Ubuntu: wifi key does not work


After the installation of Ubuntu 17.10 some keys do not work correctly.

My PC: HP ENVY 15 J108LA

My problem is the wireless (f12) and mute or sound off (f6) keys. In the case of the wifi key, it does not activate or deactivate the wifi (it does not perform any action).

With the mute key or sound off, it does not turn on the red LED of the same key, as for example the case lock key does.

The other keys work correctly (uppercase block, f1, f2, f3, f4 ...), even the keyboard illumination key works, but I have no idea why the previous keys do not work as they should.

Output of lsmod | cut -d ' ' -f 1:

rfcomm  ccm  cmac  bbswitch  bnep  snd_hda_codec_hdmi  snd_hda_codec_idt  snd_hda_codec_generic  cmdlinepart  intel_spi_platform  intel_spi  spi_nor  mtd  uvcvideo  videobuf2_vmalloc  videobuf2_memops  videobuf2_v4l2  intel_rapl  videobuf2_core  wmi_bmof  hp_wmi  sparse_keymap  videodev  x86_pkg_temp_thermal  media  intel_powerclamp  coretemp  snd_hda_intel  kvm_intel  snd_hda_codec  kvm  snd_hda_core  arc4  irqbypass  wl  snd_hwdep  snd_pcm  crct10dif_pclmul  crc32_pclmul  btusb  btrtl  btbcm  btintel  iwlmvm  mac80211  iwlwifi  cfg80211  rtsx_pci_ms  memstick  ghash_clmulni_intel  snd_seq_midi  bluetooth  snd_seq_midi_event  pcbc  shpchp  snd_rawmidi  aesni_intel  snd_seq  snd_seq_device  snd_timer  snd  soundcore  ecdh_generic  aes_x86_64  mei_me  ie31200_edac  mei  lpc_ich  crypto_simd  glue_helper  joydev  input_leds  cryptd  intel_cstate  intel_rapl_perf  serio_raw  nvidia_uvm  soc_button_array  mac_hid  hp_accel  lis3lv02d  input_polldev  hp_wireless  intel_smartconnect  wmi  parport_pc  ppdev  lp  parport  ip_tables  x_tables  autofs4  hid_generic  usbhid  hid  nvidia_drm  nvidia_modeset  i915  rtsx_pci_sdmmc  nvidia  i2c_algo_bit  drm_kms_helper  syscopyarea  sysfillrect  sysimgblt  fb_sys_fops  psmouse  ahci  r8169  drm  libahci  rtsx_pci  mii  video  

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