Ubuntu: Wifi cannot reconnect in any way after long time sleep/suspend/hibernate


I just installed ubuntu 16.04. I have the problem that wifi cannot reconnect in any way after a long time sleep or suspend or hibernate( I leave the computer until next day ).

I googled, I've tried any method I can find online, but they don't work:

  1. I followed this thread, edit the /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, but it's not working

  2. this thread, run the command: systemctl restart network-manager.service

  3. sudo killall NetworkManager && sudo NetworkManager

  4. $ sudo nmcli networking off
    $ sudo nmcli networking on
  5. $ sudo ifdown -a
    $ sudo ifup -a
  6. sudo ifconfig wlp4s0 up
    service network-manager restart

I don't know whether my problem is caused by this bug, but I don't see the fix for this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1574347

nmcli dev shows that the type is wifi, but it is disconnect, I can't make it reconnect except reboot system.

Can someone help me?


I recently had this problem with Elementary OS. I tried everything under the Google sun, but the only thing that solved my problem was to do a very hard turning off and on by reinstalling the OS.

I understand that this is not thy type of answer you were looking for, but it is a potentially valid solution, if all else fails. I believe that there is a prolific variety of Q&A on this very problem through the Internet. I encourage you to look through these and to report the results here.

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