Ubuntu: Why is chromium-browser still at version 53 for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr?


At this moment, Ubuntu 14.04 only offers version 53 of Chromium (released at 2016-11-16), while Chrome version 56 was just released. More recent versions of Ubuntu, e.g. 16.04, are already offering Chromium version 55 (and I guess 56 will follow soon). Looking at the upstream project, chromium-browser, I see that they don't offer a newer version than 53 for Ubuntu 14.04 either.

Is there a reason why a more recent version is not available? Has chromium-browser stopped supporting Ubuntu 14.04?


From the staging PPA for Chromium, it seems the builds are failing for some reason. The packagers maybe aware of it, a bug has been filed. You can mark it as affecting you.


At last, chromium-browser version 58.0.3029.81-0ubuntu0.14.04.1172 was released. Websites complaining about unsupported Chromium version work well now (e.g. GMail); however, all video acceleration seems to be disabled if you check the chrome://gpu flags. If anybody has experienced heavy tearing on video playback in the new version, I've filed a bug report here (in case anyone wants to comment):


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