Ubuntu: When I start a shell the terminal fills with tilde (~) symbols without my pressing the key


When I open a terminal, I see a continuous stream of tilde symbols appearing although I'm not pressing the key.

gaurav122197@gaurav122197:~$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~‌​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~‌  ​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

(re‌​peatedly until I close the shell)


If your internal/main keyboard continuously types the ~ key, then you've got a stuck key, or a bad keyboard. Seriously, turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to release all of the cookie crumbs and see if that helps.

Hooking up an external keyboard won't disprove this answer. You must disconnect the internal/main keyboard to prove it. While it is unplugged, use an external keyboard.


You said that some windows get automatically scrolled down. Your "Page Down" key (which scrolls down windows) might be stuck in, because pressing Page Down creates tildes on the terminal windows for some reason. Try unplugging the bad keyboard from your computer and using a different one.

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