Ubuntu: Want to make space on my computer, show installed apps I don't need and can remove


Please can you tell me how to see what I have installed on my computer, so that I can make a judgement call to remove some of the unnecessary programs. I tried the following code dpkg -l | grep ii however the number of installed programs just whizzes through the screen so fast. Is there any way of halting it, or scrolling through the list. Each up and down arrow I press simply shows me my previous commands.

Then I would like some recommendations of what to remove.

Thanks in advance. Vince.


You could use less.

dpkg -l | grep ii | less  

to halt the scrolling.


If you prefer, you can use Synaptic to view what programs you have installed.

If it's not present, you can install it by sudo apt install synaptic.

Go to Settings > Filter. At Search Filter option, Deselect All and choose "Installed" and "Residual config". enter image description here

So you can choose what you want to Mark for Complete Removal.

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