Ubuntu: W10 Subsystem Linux: Ubuntu 16.04: systemd not started


I installed the Ubuntu app as described here:

systemd is installed:

root@Asus:/var/log# apt list --installed | grep systemd  WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.  libpam-systemd/xenial-updates,now 229-4ubuntu21 amd64 [installed]  libsystemd0/xenial-updates,now 229-4ubuntu21 amd64 [installed]  python3-systemd/xenial,now 231-2build1 amd64 [installed]  systemd/xenial-updates,now 229-4ubuntu21 amd64 [installed]  systemd-sysv/xenial-updates,now 229-4ubuntu21 amd64 [installed]  

But not running:

root@Asus:/var/log# pgrep -fa systemd  root@Asus:/var/log#  

All calls to systemd produce the same result. As here:

root@Asus:/var/log# systemctl status  Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory  

I hope it is as simple as putting systemd into the init sequence but I don't know how to do that. And because the logging systemd logging system is not running I can't find any startup logs.

I find lots of info about how to use systemd once it is running but I've not yet found anything about getting it started.



Through the links provided by Hi-Angel I have learned that systemd is not supported by WSL Ubuntu and that the current architecture of WSL Ubuntu will require non-trivial changes to add support.

As Hi-Angel points out in the comments there is an active feature request for systemd on WSL. At this time it is not a highly ranking request, but with a cursory scan I see that higher ranked requests will require systemd support.

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