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After upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04, the whole design is suddenly broken. There's an ugly tinge or orange everwhere, the dock is visible all the time (not only when in overview mode) and basically everything I used to love about the Gnome desktop is gone :-(

I tried various means of getting the vanilla Gnome experience back but nothing has worked:

sudo apt install gnome-session  sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-default-settings  sudo apt install vanilla-gnome-default-settings vanilla-gnome-desktop  sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3.css # (and then I selected gnome-shell.css)  

None of this got rid of the permanent dock and when logged out I don't see a 'gear' icon to switch to Gnome on X.org.

Any ideas how to get rid of the Ubuntu modifications?


It would be more predictable if you install other meta-package:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop  

Then logout and login back to GNOME or GNOME on Xorg session.


You can install Gnome Tweaks and then simply turn off the Ubuntu Dock.


Did you restart your computer yet? The GNOME session option showed up for me only after a restart.

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