Ubuntu: Understanding Ubuntu installation while asking password


While installing Ubuntu alongside windows 10 it asks me to select a password.. After doing that there are three options.. I dropped two of them -

• Login automatically

• Require password while login

Since I want to use both OS, which option will be good for me? I heard that if I choose the first option I can be able to pull the files windows to Linux vice varsa..Help me to understand what this two options work!!


The 2 options have nothing to do with windows.

It is the method of logging in into the desktop. The 1st does not require you provide a password to login to the desktop (but you can not use encryption with this method). The 2nd requires you to use a password for logging into the desktop.

Examples of login sceens.


  • if you are the sole use of a system and do not care about encrypting your data: use the automatic login.
  • if you are not the sole user do use a login with password. If there are 2 users the 2nd one will end up with access to the data of the 1st user. That can be unwanted. Same if you want to secure your hard drive; encrypting it means you will need to provide a password to identify yourself so it has been made mandatory.

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