Ubuntu: Unable to drag brush tool in Photoshop CS5 in 12.04


I was able to use Photoshop CS5 perfectly on Ubuntu 11.10. After upgraded to 12.04 I've noticed that when I try to use brush tool in by dragging the left mouse button I cannot get continous effect on photos. It only effects the area I click with mouse.

In the screenshot all the time I was holding the left mouse button but it only affected the image once, creating dots instead of lines.

At first I thought its something with Wine. I reinstalled it then deleted Photoshop in my ApplicationData folder (Windows keeps user software options in this folder). None of these worked. I tried on my laptop and this strange problem exists there too.


I had the similar problem with wine 1.4 and all the older wine versions. Now i installed Photoshop in wine 1.2(!) and it works like a charm. View picture below.

What i did was the following:

  1. First get photoshop.exe from your installation CD.
  2. Then i installed it in Playonlinux. First i installed wine 1.2 in playonlinux. (Settings/Manage Wine Versions) Then i pressed install and in the popup menu press: Install a non listed program. Then go to the setup and install the photoshop.exe
  3. Then it run's like a charm.

Proof of my working brushes:


I haven't tested everything, but i tested most things and they all seem to work.



I had this problem too before I updated to Wine 1.5. Now that I updated it, it still sometimes makes dots, but works more often. Here is how I updated to Wine 1.5 (unreleased version):

  1. In your Software Center go to: EDIT > Software Sources
  2. Once you're there open the Other Software tab and click "Add..." (but not "Add Volume...")
  3. Paste this in: ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
  4. Now open the Terminal and sudo apt-get update > sudo apt-get install wine1.5
  5. Restart your computer (may not be necessary, but just in case) and run Photoshop

As I said, this isn't a total cure! Sometimes you'll still get dots instead of lines but it worked for me, 6-7 times out of 10. Also, Wine is constantly under development thus I'm sure most problems will be solved within this month.

It's been a couple of days now and the problem seems to be gone. I still can't use the Type tool though.


I'm Running CS6 in 12.10, using a wacom tablet

After trying a few things I found out that the bug is only (nearly) not present with the tablet if you set the tablet configuration to "absolute" in System Settings. With "relative" it's just like using a mouse.

A bugfix seems to exist, but unfortunately still hasn't been implemented in the current wine version (1.5.20) http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29871


Ok guys its my first post for wine, and I'm french so, don't be to hard on me.

I tried the patch cause I had the same problem as you guys, and I worked it out!!!

I'm on Ubuntu 13.04, and I had wine 1.6

So I did a manual compilation of wine,

Started by downloading the 1.7 version here

Then extracted wine in my home folder, and manually edited the file wine-1.7.0/dlls/user32/input.c as shown in the patch (much easier than really patching I think).

Then I apt-get installed all these dependencies because sudo apt-get build-dep wine didnt work for me:

autotools-dev  bison  debhelper (>= 9)  docbook-to-man  docbook-utils  docbook-xsl  flex  fontforge  gcc-4.5  gettext  libasound2-dev  libcapi20-dev  libcups2-dev  libdbus-1-dev  libfontconfig1-dev  libfreetype6-dev  libgif-dev  libgl1-mesa-dev  libglu1-mesa-dev  libgnutls-dev  libgphoto2-2-dev  libgsm1-dev  libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev  libgstreamer0.10-dev  libjpeg-dev  liblcms1-dev  libldap2-dev  libmpg123-dev  libncurses5-dev  libopenal-dev  libpng12-dev  libsane-dev  libssl-dev  libtiff-dev  libv4l-dev  libx11-dev  libxcomposite-dev  libxcursor-dev  libxext-dev  libxi-dev  libxinerama-dev  libxml2-dev  libxrandr-dev  libxrender-dev  libxslt1-dev  libxt-dev  libxxf86vm-dev  linux-kernel-headers  opencl-headers  oss4-dev  prelink  unixodbc-dev  x11proto-xinerama-dev  

Finally I did the compilation:

./configure && make  

And woohoo!

./wine ~/photoshop.exe  

This way i suppose you can get rid of this bug in any version of wine.



I'm running Photoshop CS6 with wine 1.5. I had the same symptons, but after the upgrade to wine 1.5 it got indeed much better.

Using a Wacom tablet for drawing with brushes reduces the problem drastically.


I had this problem on Ubuntu 15.10 with Photoshop CC 2014. One article suggested using 1.7.41-PhotoshopBrushes but that didn't seem to work, I eventually found another article that suggests using 1.7.20-PhotoshopBrushes which works perfectly!

From the second tutorial:

  • Go back to the main PlayOnLinux window, select the Photoshop program and then click on Configure.

  • Click on the + to install a new version of Wine, then install the 1.7.20-PhotoshopBrushes Wine version. Then go back and select it from the dropdown.

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