Ubuntu: Unable to connect to websites which donot start with www


I have created hotspot from my Andriod mobile and using Internet on laptop Windows 7 but I'm unable to connect to websites which don't start with www..

The error:

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web

Should the settings be done on mobile or laptop? What should I change?

Note I am using mobile data. Websites starting with www. are working fine. The problem doesn't occur on my phone. Also everything is OK when my laptop uses LAN.

Mobile(alone with data) and laptop(alone with LAN) works fine , it is only when mobile hotspot is used in laptop, i am not able to access websites which don't start with www.


That is determined by the DNS entries set up with the web site.

For instance, you can get to mine at http://calttc.net or just calttc.net

Also, you can get to COX's speed test at http://fast.com or just fast.com

Google doesn't require the www. But a lot of web sites do. It all depends on how they were set up.

So there is nothing wrong with your computer.


1)Go Wireless Network connections Status.




After doing this there was error DHCP not there , I gave auto fix in windows. And all websites started working.

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