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I´m completely new to Linux and Ubuntu and I tried to install chrome. But when I tried to open the .deb file with the Ubuntu Software App it did not work. When I open the app manually it won´t load the icons, it´s showing just three gray points.

That´s what I see when I open the Sofware Center

My problem is, that I can open it (and all solutions in the internet seem to be if you can not open it), but I can´t even see what software I could install. The start menu is there and seems to be normal, but if I want to choose a category this appears and if I try to install a special software it just loads and loads and loads...

So, I tried sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb, but I got an error that because of dependency-problems the file can not be configurated.

I hope somebody knows what I did wrong or missed to do and can help me, thank you


You have 2 alternative ways to install .deb files.

1)Using Gdebi

This is a GUI application that handles with installing .deb files to the system. You can download it using the command:

sudo apt-get install gdebi  

After you installed the app simply go to the application that you want to install, right click and choose "open with Gdebi" by using Open with option.

2)Using terminal

You can always install downloaded .deb files by using:

sudo dpkg -i yourprogram.deb  

Be carefull that you need to be on your directory that .deb file is located. You can right click in file manager and choose the option "open Terminal here".

With that you automatically get to the directory in the terminal and you only will need to copy&paste the command I wrote it. Try these methods and give us feedback that your problem is solved.

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