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I wanted to install the Japanese language on my ubuntu 16.04, but following some tutorials, I realized that it was not present in the language-support panel, in install/remove languages. In almost every discussion I have seen on this topic, people could choose a wide variety of languages, but I can only choose between French or English. The only person with the same problem magically solved it with a apt-get update, but it didn't work for me. Here is a picture.

Install/Remove language menu

What can I do ?

My ultimate goal is to be able to type japanese like in windows (typing in romanji, which converts into kana and kanjis), and I found tutorials but it requires the support of the japanese language.

Thanks !


I have no idea why the not installed languages don't show up in that list.

But these are some steps to let you type Japanese anyway:

  • Install Fcitx

    sudo apt install fcitx  
  • Install a Japanase input method engine

    sudo apt install fcitx-mozc  
  • Make Fcitx the input method framework

    im-config -n fcitx  
  • Reboot

  • Go to System Settings -> Text Entry and add Mozc to the input sources

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