Ubuntu: Ubuntu install on Acer chromebook 13 C810 fails: tegra.conf not found


I'm trying to run Ubuntu on an Acer Chromebook 13 (C810 series) with Tegra K1, following these instructions

As the ubuntu-core-14.04 is no longer available and 16.04 doesn't seem to support the GPU of the K1, I changed the package to ubuntu-base-14.04 (I did a pull request).

But when it comes to

cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/tegra.conf /tmp/urfs/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/  

it fails, because there is no /etc/X11 and the tegra.conf can't be found elsewhere on the device. This problem is also mentioned in the comments of the instruction, but unanswered. I'm not sure whether this is a CB5-311 vs C810 problem, as all successes seem to be related to the CB5-311.

Now my question is where can I get the correct tegra.conf or what other way is proven to work on the C810 to get an ubuntu (or debian) working with K1 GPU drivers (openGL and openCL needed)?


From the information I have received you are using a x86 installer and the chrome book is a based on a ARM Cortex CPU with A Tegra K1 GPU there are drivers for the K1 built in to the X86 installer but there are not ones for the ARM Installer (Which is extremely Ironic due to the K1 being ARM Based)

So to sum up The video card does not have any drivers so I would recommend trying to install a server OS then install X11 over that then install unity or the desktop environment you want


This might work:


The file is just included in the xorg config so it should be OK to omit.

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