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I have a low-end laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 100s). Sometimes, when I watch a recording of my university lectures, the whole system freezes. I can't move my mouse or use my keyboard. The freeze lasts 20 seconds or more until the system closes all programs itself and logs me out. The videos are approx. 90 minutes long and 300 MB in size. I have only one other program (gedit) open. Sometime I can watch two or three lectures without problems, but other days the laptop freezes more than every ten minutes. I use VLC media player, but the problem also happens with the default video player (Ubuntu 17.10). There's also an automatically generated log file named "core", which appeared in my user directory. It's >70 MB in size and I can't open it with gedit. I would upload it, but my upload speed is way too low (rural Germany).

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The core file is an indicator that the player has been terminated due to some exception, e. g. a segfault or out of memory. Given the other symptoms you describe I would bet on an out of memory situation.

Personally I experienced VLC being a resource hog on older machines (probably on better equipped ones, too, but you won't notice), and switched to an mplayer based solution. So my suggestion is you try mpv (as already mentioned) or smplayer.

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