Ubuntu: ubuntu dual monitor error problem (after install nvidia driver)


  1. I use ubuntu 16.04 / cuda 8.0 / gtx-1070 (nvidia-367.44 driver)
  2. I used two monitor and it worked well
  3. When I install nvidia-367.44 driver, one of my monitor doesn't work
  4. ubuntu 'setting'->'display' menu doesn't work.
  5. The two monitors are connected with main board (cpu intel graphic card. not gtx-1070)
  6. when I connect the one(not working) to gpu instead of cpu, the monitor detect it but it doesn't work well because of resolution problem

    7. How can I fix it? Actually, I want to connect two monitor to cpu not gtx. and I want to use dual monitor.

I already tried some methods
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How can I detect and use the another monitor well?
Thank you in advance!

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