Ubuntu: Ubuntu 18.04 installer is not showing partitions


I have an HP pavilion workstation, that came with windows 10 preinstalled, and I want to make it a dual boot with Linux. The problem is that even after doing all the following:

  • Disabled secure boot
  • Disabled windows fast start up
  • Shrunk the windows C volume as an unallocated space (even created a new separate volume)

I still get no option (partition) in the installer.

I tried viewing the partitions in gparted but only the USB flash in which I have the installation image is shown

I tried gdisk and got the following (931 GB correspond to the windows volume, the rest 200 I have no idea what they represent): enter image description here

I should also mention that the machine has an M.2 drive too.

Any idea how to fix this, and get ubuntu installed?

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