Ubuntu: Ubuntu 17.10 keeps freezing after a few minutes


I found my old ultrabook book, an Acer Swift V3 S13, where I tried to install Linux without success because of the same reason above.

Now, half a year later, I decided to try it again and made a live usb. At the first time, it still got these freezes/crashes while installing ubuntu or using it in its live version. I played with the boot options, because I had some ACPI issues at the beginning and it still did not work. Then I found an entry here with the same issue, where the solution was to use Gparted to delete the old partitions while using it live. It worked fine and I installed Ubuntu. I even changed a few BIOS options to make it work. (Legacy Mode atm)

I thought I managed to install it. I did, but I still have the same problems: after a few minutes it just freezes/crashes and I have to reboot my ultrabook manually. I even tried to install propieatry drivers from Intel, but now it does not even boot. Could some help me?

Here is a log provided by "Boot.Repair": http://paste.ubuntu.com/25995579/

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