Ubuntu: Ubuntu 17.10 GDM Auto-Login not working


I have selected the setting 'Automatic Login' from within the default Gnome 3 Ubuntu 17.10 control panel app, but it keeps resetting to 'off' after every restart and does not allow me to automatically login.

Any ideas?


I had to force the loging screen to use xorg and not wayland (not yet supported by nvidia drivers).

Edit as root the file /etc/gdm3/custom.conf.

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf  

Change the line





Same issue. I've originally changed the "/etc/gdm3/custom.conf" and simply enabled the "AutomaticLoginEnable=True". This was the whole issue: I didn't notice that "True" has to be lowercase.

EDIT: I was wrong. My autologin works because I'm NOT using the gnome-xorg (the default option for ubuntu) but the gnome classic session. I can't manage to get the gnome-xorg session to work properly unless I setup a timedlogin which is a little unpleasant.

EDIT 2: Ok, I finally got enough of this issue, since it's getting ignored. To solve my issue, since I don't care the least about gdm but I still want to use chrome, I've installed lightdm and changed the autologin in the user settings.

In other words:

sudo apt install lightdm  

followed by the usual change in the user settings for the autologin.


I think i've found the problem, try to edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and write AutomaticLoginEnable=true instead of AutomaticLoginEnable=True in my case

(full lowercase for the word "true")

or uncomment this line if it is...


I can confirm that it's a bug in Settings app. When changing the 'Automatic Login' flag under Details->Users it writes True/False values for AutomaticLoginEnable in "/etc/gdm3/custom.conf". After manually writing the value AutomaticLoginEnable=true the auto-login works.


I had to set two variables, to make it work:

$sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf  

And insert the lines:

AutomaticLoginEnable = true  AutomaticLogin = <my user name>  

The settings app is buggy, to an extend where it's getting useless as of 11.2017. Hopefuly that will change :)

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