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I installed Ubuntu about two weeks ago with dual boot to Windows XP,SP3. My computer is vintage 2009, an ASUS P5g41-M LE motherboard, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, and my C drive, where grub was placed, seems to be dying. It develops weak or bad sectors almost daily but continues to function. Ubuntu is on a totally different HD that has never been used before because I was saving it for Ubuntu--but it's old.

Shortly after installation, I had a crash due to the software updater and sent in a report, I think. That problem was resolved. 4 days ago, I was trying to install a linux program and futzing around with the terminal. Being able to run that program (pwgen-typhicks) never happened because of my ignorance of linux commands, so I went through Synaptic and installed another program of the same type (keepassx) and updated the packages that Synaptic said needed it. Then I had another program crash that asked for a reboot.

When I rebooted, I was sent to a low resolution Ubuntu screen that greeted me by name, asked for a password, and said "guest". It showed Ubuntu 16.04LTS on the screen. I put in my Ubuntu password, it appeared to be accepted and then I bounced back to the introductory screen. When I put in a wrong password, it shows as a wrong password. The right one doesn't; it just isn't accepted.

With some help from Ubuntu Forums, we determined that my authorities are okay. With their help, I entered the TTY terminal and got a list of my history. The last twenty or so linux commands are as follows: Starting at the end they are as follows:

80. exit  79. man tar |more  78 man tar  77 ls bin |more  76 ls usr |more  75 ls / |more  74 ls |more  73 man passwd (1)  72 man passwd(1)  71 passwd (1)  70 passwd(1)  

69-60 were all man commands (I was trying to go to a particular page in the manual, and could not figure out how to do it, so all the commands are man or man man with numbers

59 sudo  58 ./pwgen-tyhicks  57 ./snap/pwgen-tyhicks  56 ./  55.  54 and 53 are cd commands  52. /pwgen-tyhicks  

I also got a list of errors through the TTY terminal: Here is what resulted from tail ~/ .xsession-errors

upstart:gnome-session (Unity) main process (1354) terminated with status 1  upstart:unity-settings-daemon main process (1341) killed by TERM signal  upstart:logrotate main process (1215) killed by TERM signal  upstart:upstart-dbus-session-bridge main process (1259 terminated with status 1  upstart:update notifier-crash (/var/crash/_usr_lib_ibus_ibus_ui_gtk3.1000.crash) main process killed by TERM signal  upstart:unity-panel-service main process (1359) killed by TERM signal  upstart:hud main process (1352) killed by TERM signal  upstart:disconnected grom notified D-bus bus  upstart:bamfdaemon main process 1342 killed by TERM signal  upstart:job window-stack-bridge failed to stop.  

Can this be repaired?

Here is the response to ls -ld $home
drwxr -xr-x 27 ajh ajh 4096 May 13 15:17 . (the dot is blue)

Here is the response to df -h /home
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted On
/dev/root 181G 8.3G 163G 5% /

There was no response at all to diff ~/.profile/etc/skel/.profile
Or to diff ~/ .profile/etc/skel/ .profile
Or to diff ~/.profile /etc/skel/.profile
I did get a message about a missing operand with one of those.

When I ran ls -1 /usr/share /xsessions I got a list of what looked to be hundreds of files.

The problem seems to have been resolved when I went into the Recovery Console, looked at several things, most of which showed OK, and asked to resume a normal boot. Everything now seems to be quite normal.

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