Ubuntu: Ubuntu 1604: Software installation/Squirrel shell/synkron


File downloaded and extracted: squirrelsh-1.2.7-src.tar.bz2 Output folder: squirrelsh-1.2.7 Squirrel manual says to run command : sh squirrelsh-1.2.7.run But I did not find any file with this name. How to install squirrel shell so as to install synkron?


You didn't download the pre-compiled version of the shell, so you need to follow the 2nd option.

For source code archive:

  1. Unpack archive to a directory accessible during compilation. Make sure that directories structure is preserved.
  2. Run ./configure to create makefiles. Run ./configure --help to see information about supported compilation options.
  3. If configuration process completed successfully, run make to compile Squirrel Shell.
  4. Run make install to install Squirrel Shell on your computer. You may need root privileges to perform this step.

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