Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - USB flash drive doesn't appear in the launcher


Please,can someone help my to understand why a TDK USB flash drive doesn't appear in the launcher.

I formatted it with "disks"utility and when I plug it in,I can see it (in disks utility).

But I need to copy same files into the USB and if it doesn't appear I can't.Or,are there other ways to copy my files?

Thank you


Using Gnome Disks to format clears the USB drive, but doesn't create a new partition. To create a new one:

  1. sudo fdisk /dev/sdb (make sure the usb drive is /dev/sdb, it looks like it based on your output of lsblk)

Type o, n, p, 1, Enter, Enter, w

  1. Now format the new partition with sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1

Your USB drive should now appear under the file manager


Your flash drive, if mounted, should be located /media/$name/ . If you did not mount the drive you can do so in the "Disks" utility by pressing the play button after selecting the partition, or normally by opening it on the sidebar in the Unity desktop. You can also use the mount command, but I assume you are using a GUI.

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