Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 keyboard some buttons are not working properly


I have a Dell Vostro 14 laptop that Ubuntu 16.04 is installed on. The OS was already installed when I bought it and I just started to use it as it is with great pleasure. However about 2 months ago the keyboard started to not work properly.

The problem is that some buttons are not working time to time, especially shift ctrl and alt keys. For example if I want to type underscore with right shift and "-" keys, it does not type and keypress is also not detected when I look at the keypress logs wıth xev. However this does not always occurs, sometimes I am able to type underscore. Also both keys are working with no issues by themselves or with other combinations. The other characters that behave like this are shift+"=", altgr+"=", altgr+"-", ctrl+c ctrl+v ctrl+z, ctrl+a.

Lastly, this week another problem emerged, keyboard backlight misbehaves, such that it goes off by itself, when I press some keys that does not do anything with its control, such as backspace. After a while it goes on again but it is really annoying.

I was looking for a solution last 2 months and I couldn't find anything that fix it. I think there is a problem with keyboard compatibility issue with ubuntu instead of an hardware issue.

I hope my explanation is clear, otherwise I will try to give more info. I will really appreciate for any help.

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