Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 - How to parameter connection with MAB protocol instead of 802.1x


I just installed the version 16.04 of ubuntu on a new computer. The computer has to connect to a server to be authorized to connect to internet. After restarting (after installation), my computer display on the top left corner a message saying (connection established) few seconds after start.

And then I have no internet, cannot ping anything (except after an ifconfig, I also have no IPv4, no broadcast and no netmask, but I have a IPv6. The previous ones are supposed to be automatically provided (by the server) when connecting thanks to DHCP protocol.

I went to ask the IT team where I work, they checked my computer, and told me that my computer was keeping trying to connect with 802.1x protocol (by default this option is unchecked in the "Network" GUI) instead of using the MAB (Mac Adress Bypass) protocol. They were not able to find a solution to my problem.

So my question is in 2 parts: does this already happened to someone here? if yes, how can I disable completely the 802.1x protocol to be sure the MAB protocol will be use when connecting with DHCP? Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Additionnal information: The Mac adress of my computer is well registered in the server database. There are 2 ethernet ports at the back of my computer: each one having a different mac adress, the ethernet cable is plugged in the good one (the matching mac adress), and the cable works. I tried to check for lack of network drivers: nothing have shown so far that drivers might be missing.

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