Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 dual boot, no signal to dual 4K monitors



  • 4790K
  • GTX970
  • 16GB ram
  • 250GB SSD (C: )
  • 1TB HDD (D: )
  • 2x 4K monitors via DP


I have Windows 10 installed on my 250GB SSD and am trying to dual boot Ubuntu into a partition of the 1TB HDD. To install I changed the bios video to Integrated graphics, then shut down and removed my graphics card. Then I booted to the live USB of Ubuntu (with a HDMI from motherboard output) and installed the something else and partitioned it according to multiple tutorials (650MB EFI, 10GB Swap, the rest in root and home). This install is successful, no problems. so I reboot into Ubuntu, install the NVIDIA graphics drivers (384) from the "additional drivers" menu in Ubuntu, this works fine. Now I reboot and switch bios to External Graphics and then shut down, put my graphics card back in and hook the two 4K monitors back up via Display Ports.


when I reboot, I have to hit F11 to get to my boot options and select the Ubuntu option, from here I get the expect grub menu, select the Ubuntu boot, and then see the loading sign and SOMETIMES I get to the login screen. Most cases both the monitors turn off and say "No Signal".


I have tried booting from recovery mode, this again sometimes works but more often than not, no signal.

Changed the grub boot "quiet splash" to "nomodeset"

Changed the bios to internal graphics and connect a HDMI to the monitor aswell as the DP. This actually works, but only sometimes does it detect the graphics card and then switch to dual 4K, most times it will only display the one monitor with definitely not 4K.

Also, only plugging one monitor in (with external graphics) seems to work, but when plugging in the second monitor it displays the "no signal".

So I do not know if this is a NVIDIA problem, 4K, dual monitor, dual 4K or what problem. If anyone has any experience with dealing with this or knows how to fix it, or just any help is greatly appreciated.

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