Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 - Crashes when switching between worskspaces using CTRL + ALT + ARROW Key


I'm using Unity (default for Ubuntu 16.04) I have four workspaces 2x2.

Often when I have chrome in full screen in one workspace (0,0) and then the workspace next to that (1,1) could be something like sublimetext or another program e.g could be a chrome window (but in 1,1 its not in full screen)

When switching between these two workspaces using

CTRL + ALT + -> to move from 0,0 to 1,1

and CTRL + ALT + <- to go back.

It causes Ubuntu to COMPLETELY FREEZE. And if it doesn't come back within say two minutes (which it rarely does, it basically does all the commands which were done while it was frozen in a couple of seconds).

Alternatively, I have to restart using ALT + SysRq + R + E + I + S + U + B

What I have tried: - Disable hardware acceleration in Chrome.

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