Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14… freezes after kernel selection, stops on a specific line in recovery mode


I have Linux 14 something running on a Macbook and have about 10 kernels to choose from, from 4.2.0-42 down to 3.13 something. All of them were working, but after I repeatedly restarted my computer to try all the kernels about 20 times, the booting process stops on the black/purple screen before showing the Ubuntu sign with the 5 white/orange dots. This happens with all the kernel versions (that i have tried), even if i dont press anything at all and let it boot by itself. Booting up to the grub works fine. In recovery mode it starts booting, but stops a second in on the line:

[ 0.675215] ehci-pci 0000:00:04.1: irq 22, io mem 0xd338920  

after more than 10 minutes nothing happens (This line is the same for all versions, but the number at the beginning varies)

I didn't do anything specific before the issue started, I was just trying to select a kernel version which allowed my wacom tablet to work.

Extra info: when it was still working, after boot if I rebooted or turned the computer off and back on, it did not want to enter grub or boot up. I had to press the power button to restart the computer a second time.

Thanks for all the help, I've no idea what is wrong with it my only guess is that I have restarted the computer too many times???


You can try two things:

1 easy solution

Just unplug (from electricity) your computer for 10 seconds, plug again and it might work! (yes it does)

2 if it doesn't work (edit grub)

The solution was in Grub go to: Advanced Options There I went to the 'Recovery mode option' prees 'e' to go to the editor. edit the line

linux /vmlinuz-3.0.2..... nomodeset acpi=off  

press F10 to boot. That way it did boot, but it didn't recognize the keyboard.

This confirmed with an 'acpi' issue.

The next thing I did is a restarted the computer and went testing the different acpi options in this guide.

The one that did it for me was


F10 once again and then my keyboard responded from there I ran 'fsck'. and start again.

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