Ubuntu: Topbar and side menu in Ubuntu 16.04 is disabled


I have seen this question has been asked a lot of times. I have followed some questions and answers in here, but still no luck of fixing it. However, I tried this answer Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

I am asking this, because, I followed the answers and still couldnot fix it.

I did everything said in the answer. But however, when I enable the unity launcher using compizconfig-settings-manager, after closing it, the tick disappears. It is like I enable it, and after closing the application, something else, (some other process, may be?) is disabling it again.

I also cannot open terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T , I right clicked on the desktop and opened the terminal from there. I ran this command: unity --reset-icons &disown and the launcher appeared for a very short time. And then it disappeared. It seemed to me that some other process in the background disabled it. I am a pretty much newbie in ubuntu. How to fix it?

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