Ubuntu: There is no user file in home directory


I started using Ubuntu yesterday. Since then I've just been trying to get the Anaconda Python distro working with Vim and am thus far unsuccessful. In Vim I managed to create a file called vimrc and edited it to have vundle installed. Now I'm trying to add the vim-conda plugin and apparently I need to manually edit the vimrc file again (leading me to wander what the point of vundle is). Apparently it's in home/neil. But when I click the file button on the left of the screen and it goes to home, there is no file there called neil. Where is it? Also, why do files not show up when I click the "search" thing top left?


Pressing on the Home button sends you to your Home, which in your case is the folder /home/neil

You won't find neil inside home/neil, but you'll find all files in this folder.

In order to show hidden files you should press CTRL H (or go to View -> Show Hidden Files Menu)

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