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I messed up and now terminal closing itself as soon as I open him. I wanted that terminal execute command when it's starts, but I haven't noticed "when command exits" was "close terminal". Now it's closing itself as soon as I open it. How to fix? Reset terminal settings?


Open a tty (control-alt-f2) and see if you can login, edit the file with vi or nano and remove the line you added. (control-alt-f1 gets you back to the graphical interface) (control-alt-f7 if you use unity).

If a tty closes itself too use a live dvd session and edit the file from a live session.


Open xterm

Type this command:

gnome-terminal -e -ls  

the bash shell (gnome-terminal) will be open (instead of closing), because it tries to execute another command than the other established in the profile configuration.

Change the profile configuration.

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