Ubuntu: Symbolic links breaking after restart 16.04. LTS (linux)


i created a symbolic link with the below command (on UBUNTU 16.04 LTS 64 bit)

ln -s ttyACM0 ttyS5

to use with a usb pin pad ,but every time i restart the machine the link is broken.

i have little knowledge on linux.After the reboot this command shows that he link already exist.

ln -s ttyACM0 ttyS5 so i have to remove and create again but machine keeps losing the settings.

Please help


If you do a df -h in a terminal you will see that /dev is "mounted on" udev, not /dev/sdx or anything else indicating a physical disk. udev is a virtual file-system (in memory) that is regenerated every time the system is booted.

That's why your symbolic link disappears on reboot.

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