Ubuntu: Switch byobu session quickly?


There is F6 for detach session. Shift-F6 for detach session without logout. The main purpose when someone hits Shift-F6 is to either open an existing or start a new byobu session. That's at least very true in my daily use. So how can we set Ctrl-Shift-F6 for switching session? That will save the user the effort of typing byobu to start it up again. The menu would just be like the one presented when user start byobu from terminal: multiple choices to start byobu.


Found it. Edit the file ~/.byobu/keybindings.tmux to change tmux prefix back to C-b because F12 does not work on my computer.

# set -g prefix F12  set -g prefix C-b  unbind-key -n C-a  

Save the file and press F5 to refresh byobu config. Then I can switch session like this (thanks to this cheatsheet):

C-b (          previous session  C-b )          next session  C-b L          ‘last’ (previously used) session  C-b s          choose a session from a list  

This is the undocumented part of byobu but since it uses tmux, I could figure out many other advance uses of byobu :)

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