Ubuntu: sudo fdisk -l -u output does not show partitions


I know this issue is common here, but mine has some specific terms that put me into the corner. So, I booted into liveUsb with Ubuntu, tried changing my partitions with Ubuntu installed to my PC and got the error "can't have overlapping partitions", then it crashed and after I rebooted to liveUSB, whole my hdd was shown as "unallocated". Now, when I am running fdisk -l -u /dev/sda, I get this output:


So, does this mean that all my data is already erased? How is that even possible, when I simply tweaked partitions with ubuntu installed, and did not touch 800GB of other space?


While you were working with your partitions you probably destroyed your partition table, or somehow made it unusable.

You can use a utility like testdisk in a live session to try bringing it back. your data still lives on the disk, so do not write anything on it.

Test disk step by step

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