Ubuntu: Stuck in Login-loop after installing drivers for GTX 1060


After I solved this problem, I was able to go to the login screen. My problem now is that I am stuck in a login-loop...

Details about what led to the login-loop problem:

  • bought a Nvidia GTX 1060
  • installed the gpu with driver nvidia-381 on Ubuntu 16.04


  • I can access the TTY while I'm in the login screen
  • The login-loop: I can login perfectly but after about 5-10 seconds or so, I get thrown back to the login screen
  • Most of the time this problem is solved, when you uninstall the nvidia drivers but I can't uninstall the them because without it I get my first problem again and with that blackscreens or the low-resulution mode
  • Secure boot is already disabled
  • Till now I haven't blacklisted nouveau, but I will try that

I also looked at this post and some of the links there

# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig  # nvidia-xconfig:  version 375.66  (buildmeister@swio-display-x86-rhel47-06)  Mon May  1 15:45:32 PDT 2017      Section "ServerLayout"      Identifier     "Layout0"      Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0      InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"      InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"  EndSection    Section "Files"      ModulePath     "/usr/lib/nvidia-381/xorg"      ModulePath     "/usr/lib/xorg/modules"  EndSection    Section "InputDevice"        # generated from default      Identifier     "Mouse0"      Driver         "mouse"      Option         "Protocol" "auto"      Option         "Device" "/dev/psaux"      Option         "Emulate3Buttons" "no"      Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"  EndSection    Section "InputDevice"        # generated from default      Identifier     "Keyboard0"      Driver         "kbd"  EndSection    Section "Monitor"      Identifier     "Monitor0"      VendorName     "Unknown"      ModelName      "Unknown"      HorizSync       28.0 - 33.0      VertRefresh     43.0 - 72.0      Option         "DPMS"  EndSection    Section "Device"      Identifier     "Device0"      Driver         "nvidia-381"      VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"  EndSection    Section "Screen"      Identifier     "Screen0"      Device         "Device0"      Monitor        "Monitor0"      DefaultDepth    24      SubSection     "Display"          Depth       24      EndSubSection  EndSection  


After quite some hours of research I found this guide, which helped me solve my problem.
I don't exactly know what caused my problems but now I everything works just fine.

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