Ubuntu: Stuck in login loop after AMD gpu pro driver install


After I installed AMD GPU-pro driver, I am not able to login to my account. The OS boots to the user login screen (without showing the ubuntu splash screen) and after I enter my password and hit enter, the login screen appears again like it just booted up.

Please help with the issue. I would not mind reinstalling the OS if that is the only work around (dual booting with windows 10)


EDIT: I manage to fix my problem by installing the px and compute packages for amdgpu-pro

From the installation folder, run:

amdgpu-pro-install --px  

You will be prompted for confirmation twice -- once to uninstall, and once to install. Then reboot.

OLD (semi-)answer:

It looks like the screen is running from the Intel graphics card (i915). Does your laptop have switchable graphics ?

As a temporary fix, you can try running a window manager without a compositor -- I've found that Xmonad works fine in my setup. Though anything 3D-accellerated will not work.

I am facing a similar problem (same symptoms) on my laptop, which has Intel graphics. It seems the packages installed by amdgpu-pro are incompatible with the non-AMD drivers included in Ubuntu, looking for this is64bitelfsymbol.

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