Ubuntu: Software Installer does not work


I have upgraded to Ubuntu 17.04. When I've downloaded an app and try to install it via software installer nothing happens when I press the install button. I have tried this with three different apps and get the same results.


I've got the same issue here. The downloaded packages are *.deb files, but clicking the downloaded file in Chrome opens the Software app, and I get the Install screen, but clicking the install button does nothing whatsoever.

I've had to resort to installing those packages from the terminal using sudo apt install followed by the full path to the deb file. This does work, but it's a little annoying.


This is a bug. Is reported here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/1672424

While we wait for a solution you can install any -deb package using dpkg on the command line.

sudo dpkg -i *package-name*  

Also, you can install Gdebi from Gnome Software Center.


Same thing here, when I run

sudo dpkg -i *package-name*

I'm getting install errors typically and it prompts me to enter

sudo apt --fix-broken install

After that I can rerun the dpkg -i and packages are installing fine, I agree this is a pain.


Un-install the "gnome-software" (Purge the package)

install software center again

sudo apt-get install gnome-software  

if the install fail (fix broken install)

sudo apt --fix-broken install  

then retry install using

sudo apt-get install gnome-software  

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