Ubuntu: Skype snap not starting, just blinks and it's closed


Running Ubuntu 17.10.1, Skype installed from the official snap, current version, in classic mode.

When I try to start it, nothing happens. The very first time I try after a reboot, a quick blink of the screen, and then nothing. No process running, no error message, nothing.

From the command line, same result. I have tried running:

skype  snap run skype  

How can I debug this? Any way to see some error message? Nothing on syslog or dmesg.



I have the same problem. I think that if you want to debug this issue the following link is a good place to start:


I have confirmed that the issue reported there still applies to version "". I am not completely sure if the issue reported there is directly related with your problem but I suspect that it is. I am afraid I can not provide further clues at this point.


Thanks to @Jose_O's answer I have found this conversation in the snapcraft.io forum: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/cant-launch-skype-snap-relocation-error/4536/8

It seems the issue is known, and they are working on it. Hopefully we'll get a fixed version of Skype soon.

In the mean time, and also from that conversation, I can run a previous version of Skype with this command: /snap/skype/16/usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux which starts version 8.16. Looking in the /snap/skype folder you should see which (if any) previous versions of Skype you have available.

UPDATE: Today Skype works, version (23). Looks like it got updated about 12 hours ago. Awesome!


I uninstalled and reinstalled the snap version and could not get it to work. With the snap version uninstalled, I installed the deb version (use pull down on web page to select deb) from here: Skype

Next problem, I have a web cam with microphone, but Skype can't see the mic. This all used to work on 17.10. Not sure when it broke.

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